Kukirin G4 electric scooter | Champion off-road E-Scooter, 2000W rated power, 70km/h max speed, 67.2V, 20Ah battery, 75km Range | Canada Free shipping, EU preorder

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  • 2000W rated super great power, take you go any rough, steep road
  • Fat tire for professional off-road riding, stable and safe
  • 60V, 20Ah capacity battery, 75~80km super long range
  • 70km/h max speed, easy to control and fast
  • Foldable, easy to carry, 30 days replacement warranty
  • 180 days electric scooter parts providing, for any quality issues
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Product Parameter
Model G4
Packing info Packing Size 1320*265*590mm
G.W 43+/-1KG
Product basic parameter Expand scooter size 1336*1295*660MM
Fold scooter size 1336*550*660MM
N.W 37+/-1KG
Handlebar width 660MM
chassis height 185MM
Pedal size 220MM*510MM
Max load 120KG
Waterproof level IPX4
Frame material Steel+aluminum hybrid frame
Speed KM/H(Load 65kg) 1st gear 20KM/H
2nd gear 40KM/H
3rd gear No limit speed(Full power with load 65KG on flat road,maxium speed70km/h)
4th gear Non
Brake system(disc brake,e-brake,others) Front and rear dual disc brake
Climbing degree 20°
Maxium mileage 75km(Eco mode load 65kg flat road uniform speed)
Brake distance M Dry brake, speed 15km/h, braking distance ≤ 4 M
Maxium speed(idling) 99km/h(idling)
Motor Brand KuKirin
Rated power 2000W
Voltage 60V
Instantaneous maximum power Limiting 40A≥2400W
Maxium rotate speed 1350±30rpm
Maximum output torque Limiting 45A≥38N.m
Accelerate mode(sine wave/square wave/) sine wave
Motor type(integrated, split, other in-wheel motors) integrated motor
Battery Capacity 20Ah
Voltage 60V
Charging time 10~12 hours
Battery protect system
Standard power consumption (KW.H) 1.2KW.H
Brand KuKirin
LED Headlight Number of lamp beads 3
Power(Watt) 3w
Irradiation angle 60 degree
Irradiation area
Charger parameter Input voltage 100~240V
Input current 2A
Output voltage 67.2V
Output current 2A
Inner tube Size
Tire Size 11吋(90/65-6.5)
Type Vacuum tire
Best tire pressure 350kpa(50p.s.i)
Material Rubber
Seat cushion Lowest(height from ground) Non
Highest(height from ground) Non
Disc brake Brand
outer diameter 140MM
Thread inner diameter 33.3MM
Instrument Type(LED/LCD/OLED) LED
Size 155*55mm
display content Speed/Power/Mileage/Cruise control/speed mode/Start mode/Light mode/Mileage unit mode
Function setting Mileage unit mode/Speed unit/Speed mode/Start mode/Light mode
APP General(note general with which model) /
Function description Cruise control function Yes (long press mode to turn on/off cruise control)
KM/H setting to MPH/MILE Yes (click “set” to switch between speed and mileage units)
Cancel the limit speed Yes (press and hold the brake lever, turn on and off the single machine four times in a row)
Non-zero start/Zern start Yes (long press “set” to switch non-zero start/zero start)
Packing list Charger,User manual,Tool bag,Rear fender